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Goodbye 2020

Pardon my latency

Well, at least I’m staying on track for single-digit blog posts in a year. :)

Okay, seriously, 2020’s pandemic-and-other-chaos tends to distract. Also, I did actually have a few things worth my attention.

RFD 176

The second half of 2020 at work has been primarily about RFD 176 – weaning SmartOS and Triton off of the requirement for a USB key. Phases I (standalone SmartOS) and II (Triton Compute Node) are finished. Phase III (Triton Head Node) is coming along nicely, thanks to real-world testing on Equinix Metal (nee Packet), and I hope to have a dedicated blog post about our work in this space coming in the first quarter 2021.

Follow our progress in the rfd176 branches of smartos-live and sdc-headnode.

Twins & College

My twins are US High School seniors, meaning they’re off to college/university next fall, modulo pandemic-and-other-chaos. This means applications, a little stress, and generally folding in pandemic-and-other-chaos issues into the normal flow of things as well. Out of respect for their privacy and autonomy, I’ll stop here to avoid details each of them can spill on their own terms.

On 2021

Both “distractions” mentioned above will continue into 2021, so I apologize in advance for any lack of content here for my half-dozen readers. You can follow me on any of the socials mentioned on the right, because I’ll post there if the spirit moves me (especially on issues of the moment).


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