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For All Nails #83a - "Live from Nairobi"

June 20th, 1974, 10:13pm, EST.  The vitavision tuner is receiving the NUBS
(National Union Broadcast System) network.  It's the 10-o-clock News, with
Philip Barstow [1].

"In Victoria, rioting is continuing for the fifth straight day.  Government
troops have been clashing with both peaceful protestors and armed rioters in
and around the capitol city of Nairobi.

"We are fortunate to have with us, reporting live from the outskirts of
Nairobi, NUBS correspondent Kenny McCormick[2]," Barstow turns slightly to
the right and starts speaking to McCormick.

"Kenny, you are out there to do a story for _Insight_, but you're reporting
to us tonight with new information about the Victorian situation."

The view is now of Kenny McCormick.  He looks like he hasn't had much sleep.
It's dawn in Nairobi, so it's been likely he's been up all night.

"Yes Phil, I do.  I'm here at a refugee camp about 3 miles outside Nairobi.
I have been asked not to disclose anything else about the camp itself, out of
reasons of fear.

"These people fear for their safety, and in some cases - their very lives.
Most here are not citizens.  Not being citizens is why many of them are
protesting against increasingly strict sedition and travel restrictions.  Not
being citizens, they also have little protection from the increasingly severe
cycle of raids an military crackdowns in the western provinces."

He paused briefly before continuing.

"I've been informed that the government has been organizing mass arrests at
refugee camps like this.  There are reports of troops opening fire at the
slightest hint of resistance..."

There is shouting in the background, followed by gunfire.  The gunfire is
originating at the camp!

McCormick is looking around frantically.  He shouts to someone off camera.

"You told me there were no guns here!  We're going get bloody killed."

The gunfire intensifies, and there are shouts originating from a direction
obviously outside the camp.  An armed refugee runs from right to left behind
McCormick, as he does so, he runs toward the camera, as if to take cover
behind the NUBS satellite truck.

"Oh God!  Not behind the truck."

And the gunfire is loud... overwhelming.  McCormick is looking crazed.  All
of this has happened in the course of 45 seconds.  NUBS studios in Burgoyne
has not been able to switch quickly enough for what happens next.

McCormick turns to the side, facing the off-camera person he shouted at
before.  The camera is showing only his upper torso and head.  This whole
time bullets are still flying.  Suddenly, McCormick looks sick, then

The camera drops, and we see a cameraman run up to McCormick, who is bleeding
profusely from his stomach.  We don't know where the bullets came from, but
we do know the final words spoken live from Nairobi by a stunned cameraman.

"Oh my God... they... they killed Kenny!  You bastards!"

.  .  .

[1] Philip Barstow was a cohort of Don Hewitt (see FAN #46) during the Global
    War.  Hewitt didn't want the 10-o-clock desk, so it went to Barstow.  He
    is respected, especially being on the prestigious NUBS network.

[2] Again, see FAN #46.  Mr. McCormick is normally a correspondent for
    _Insight_, the award-winning NUBS news magazine.