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FAN #91-d
Sábado Gigante

V. O vos omnes, qui transitis per viam, attendite et videte.
R. Si est dolor simils sicut dolor meus.
V. Attendite universi populi, et videte dolorem meum.
R. Si est dolor simils sicut dolor meus.

--Fifth Responsory at Matins, Holy Saturday

Over the South Vandalia-Mexico del Norte Border
1830 Hours, July 13, 1974

She couldn't stop thinking, she couldn't take it any more. His words,
his lips, his soul, his eyes--his heart, his Jeffersonist heart. His
cause. Her cause. Their cause, for they were still one, through space
and time, no matter where he was. She knew it. But she was the
co-pilot, she was the subordinate, the inferior, as always. Keep
flying, keep following Captain Murdock's orders, d--mn you Hawke. Not
now. Not bl--dy now. She did not know what she was looking at; she had
ceased to care. Then she realized she was looking down, and she saw
the mountains beneath her for the first time in months.

The splendid, beautiful, jagged, pure, perfect mountains, the
mountains she tried so desperately to ignore when she flew over them.
They were too beautiful for her to bear. And she saw him--saw his
eyes, beautiful, gentle eyes, the eyes of a splendid hawk, just like
his name, and he was telling her to do it. She sucked in her breath.

"Navigator, belay that order. Chart a course south-southwest," she
said, calmly, looking over at the pilot, Captain Murdock, whose
commands she had just directly contradicted.

He stared at her for a moment, saying nothing, wondering if the last
minute had actually happened, too strange for words. Then, he
exploded. "What the h-ll are you doing, Stapleton? That'll put us
straight across the line into bl--dy Gringo territory."

"I know, Murdock, I know," she said quietly, and he realized she had
drawn her revolver and was pointing it directly at his heart.

Excerpts from script of /Sábado Gigante/, with comments from
producers, July 13, 1974 Episode; third draft, July 11, 1974.
Translated from the Spanish.

MAJOR DIETER: ...You have become tiresome.

[Two GUARDS race stiffly on to the stage and drag the GUEST off, goose
stepping all the while. There are sounds of someone getting beaten up
in the background].

Join us next veek on /Kriegheit/, ven our guest vill be Field Marshall
Hermann Hochstetler, author of the new book of poetry /Odes to Common
German Household Appliances/.

Az alvays, I am your host Major Dieter. Until zen, now is ze time on
/Kriegheit/ ven ve marsch! /Sieg/!

[He gives the stiff-armed salute associated with Chancillor Bruning.
Then he and his assistants goosestep offstage.]

Theodore Army Air Station, California
2130 Hours, July 13, 1974

The truth was, Ev had trouble remembering if /Sábado Gigante/ was any
good or not. She doubted it was, but by this point she had essentially
bored herself to sleep in the grubby little guest room they had
assigned her to. She remembered an annoying laugh track, the greasy
host Don Francisco with his wrinkled, heavily made-up froglike face
constantly mugging the camera, and also that the guest was some dippy
smiling blonde with a hyphenated last name, Cameron-Díaz. Odd, usually
it was Mercator that did the guest starring; the show was broadcast
from the Gran Teatro Vicente Mercator, which, from the few glimpses
she could see offstage was another mega-megalomaniac reinterpretation
of the Aztec temples of Mercator's spiritual forebearers, typically
garish, plebeian and with plenty of gilding and neon for the masses to
enjoy themselves in.

She didn't remember too much clearly, just two German weightlifters in
spiked helmets. A fellow with a trumpet wearing a mask or hood or
something, La Chacál de la Trompeta. Some weird guy, a grown man,
dancing around in a giant bee costume, and then there was--what
exactly was it? More fantascience parody? She couldn't say--

Excerpts from script of /Sábado Gigante/, with comments from
producers, July 13, 1974 Episode; third draft, July 11, 1974.
Translated from the Spanish.


VOICEOVER: Los Conjeads. They came from the farthest reaches of space,
from a world over a million light years away, the planet Remúlaquo.
Dispatched by their Governor-General High Master Lord Timekeeper
Monajano, they came with a fleet of star-cruisers to seize the world
from humankind. Unfortunately, la Señora Conjead was driving and they
ended up in the Sea of Cortez. Then el Señor Conjead lost the speech
they were going to give to the government demanding absolute
submission. Then they heard that their planet was cutting back on the
space program. So they've decided to stick around for a while and
collect some decorative souvenir spoons. Their answer when questioned
about their identity? Somos de la C.N.A.!

We join la familia Conjead, el Señor Beldaro, la Señora Primát and
their daughter Conchita en route to Earth from a brief visit back home
to Remúlaquo.
Suddenly, they have collided with an object!

BELDARO: We have collided with an object.
CONCHITA: They have said that already.
PRIMÁT: Your navigational abilities are again deficient.
Get out of the vehicle and investigate.
CONCHITA: Please minimize any delay. I must urinate.

[There is a knock at the door of the vehicle. Enter the TORY SPACE

[Producer's comment handwritten onto script: Have we had a word about
the TSB re costume? I'm thinking a shiny fight suit, maybe one of
those three-cornered hats you always see in the movies about Lord
Nelson, maybe a monocle; and, of course, get wardrobe to buy a red wig
in that new style that's the thing up there, named after that space
cadet woman, Gilmore? The Evangeline, that's it. Get an Evangeline
wig. Oh, and how about a scratchy fanfare of /Rule Britannia/?]

TORY SPACE BIMBO: I say, who /are/ you and what in blazes are you
toffs doing in my absolutely smashing flight path?

Theodore Army Air Station, California
2130 Hours, July 13, 1974

D--mn. Good God. What on earth is /that/ supposed to be, the hat, the
suit--the monocle? And knocking? I mean, knocking on the door of the
space shuttle? Good Lord, no wonder we're ahead of them in technology.
I mean, really.

"Absolutely smashing"?

And then /Rule Britannia./ Good God.

Oh, d--mn, bl--dy d--mn their greaser ar--s. She's me. SHE'S SUPPOSED
TO BE ME. She's wearing one of those d--mned wigs. Now everyone's got
their hair styled that way now. Outrageous. Is that all I am to them?
To anyone? Just a frame to parade in the latest bleeding fashions?
Every time I pass a woman on the street, fat, thin, tall, short, old,
young, with that bl--dy haircut, I feel just a little bit angrier, and
a little bit less like myself, as if they could just take me to bits
and auction off my attributes like relics to the highest bidder. Am I
just a caricature of myself?

Is that all those d--mn folks want from me? I'm a captain in his
Majesty's forces. Does that bl--dy mean anything anymore? Does it mean
anything I went through years of training, years of preparation, years
of blood-soaked memories of my own father's death, to serve the
Confederation, to soar above the heavens? And all they want out of me
is a bl--dy hairpiece? D--mn. D--mn! D--mn the idiot that put that
photo on that magazine cover. D--mn the old cows who want to ride in
on the tails of my toil, to take a piece of the heroism that isn't
bl--dy theirs. D--mn that greaser Emilio, showing off in front of the
little lady pilot. Is that all I am? And d--mn those greaser comedians
with their smug humor and their--

She watched with helpless anger, her eyes glowering as they seared the
screen at her crude counterfeit.

Continued excerpts from script of Sabado Gigante, with comments from
producers, July 13, 1974 Episode; third draft, July 11, 1974.
Translated from the Spanish.

BELDARO: Greetings. The collision was caused by your
navigational error. TORY SPACE BIMBO: Zounds! Visitors from another
BELDARO: Negative, negative! We are not from another planet.
CONJEADS [in unison]: /Somos de la CNA/.
TORY SPACE BIMBO: Not bl--dy likely! /I'm/ from the CNA, and this
isn’t one of our spacecraft!
PRIMÁT: We are from France.
CONCHITA: We are from the Fukienese Republic.
TORY SPACE BIMBO: You're bl--dy lying, the lot of you. Dash it all! I
must report this to my superiors with all dispatch!
PRIMÁT: Beldaro, activate the mental neutralization device.
BELDARO: An excellent suggestion, spousal unit. Madam space-person,
your attention please.
TORY SPACE BIMBO: I say, wat? Wat wat?

[Beldaro pushes a button on the console and a Juan Baillaires ballad
begins to play.]

[Producer's comment; handwritten onto script: Which one should we use?
How about /Aura Lee/ [1]. It got quite a response when he played it on
the show last time he was on.]

TORY SPACE BIMBO: Watwatwat? Ooh, aah! Goodness gracious me! Must
resist...must resist...[She falls to the floor moaning]

PRIMÁT: Resistance is futile. [To Beldaro] As you know, Beldaro, these
sounds suppress all mental activity in the female earthling of the
North American subspecies.
Put her back in her vehicle and let us return to our domicile unit.
CONCHITA: With maximum celerity, parental units. I still need to



VOICEOVER: In the spirit of fraternal union with our German allies,
Telemundo Mexico is proud to present this week’s installment of
/Levantando Pesas con Hans y Franz/.

[Sounds of a Prussian march. Hans and Franz appear standing in front
of a very obvious painted alpine backdrop. They are dressed in weight
belts and heavily padded athletic costumes, incongruous by comparison
with their spiked military headgear. A rack of rifles is standing by
instead of their usual weightlifting gear].

HANS: Soy Hans!
FRANZ: Y soy Franz!
HANS AND FRANZ: Y estamos para bombarte [They clap together once] a
HANS: First of all, do not adjust your vita set. Zis eez our acktual
size. Ja, ja. Franz and I come from a little Austrian town of veight
lifters, ze home of Rainer Volfcastle [2]. It was us who taught him
all ze secrets of weight lifting, we turned Herr Volfcastle man from a
flabby little girlie man into a big strong German, Ja.
FRANZ: He was really girlie, ja! Ve vere his cousins, ja, and every
Christmas ve vould tie his flabbly little pectoral muscles together
like a bow and put him under the Tannenbaum, and believe me my friend,
no one would open him. Until ve taught him ze zekrets.
HANS: But today ve decided to to do somezing a bit different, because
not just are all Germans muy bombado, but are ramrod straight!
FRANZ: Very straight, who needs flexibility?
HANS: Ja!  Ja, ve are all zo disiciplined and stiff and big, ja, you
can use us to draw straight lines mit ein pencil!
FRANZ: Ja! We are at ze rifle range today, we're going to show you how
to shoot this big gun [They clap together once]
HANS Y FRANZ: Right straight! 
FRANZ: Because if you can't, you shouldn't be laughing, you little
girlie men out there, because you are so flabby, and you don't have a
big gun! Get a big German gun like ours, ja, not flabby at all!
HANS: Ja, no big gun! Ve vould have to take you by your flabby love
handles and wrap them around your fat body.
FRANZ: And take you out to the garbage can, because that's where trash
like you belongs.

[Franz picks up a rifle and aims].

HANS: Now I'm going to aim and hit ze big white man at the end of the
range, and I have to stand so stiff and straight. He'll make such an
easy target, because the white man is so big and flabby and I'm just
going to shoot [He claps and drops the rifle on his foot] him up! Ow!
With ze big gun!
FRANZ: [Incredulous] You vant to do /vat/ to the flabby white man?
Hans? Ve are good Germans! Straight Germans!
HANS: But very /stiff/ Germans, ja!

Theodore Army Air Station, California
2130 Hours, July 13, 1974

Ev wasn't getting this. It sounded vaguely obscene, and on top of
that, didn't make much sense. The Imperial German Navy, yes, what with
being away from female contact for months at a time, the slightly
off-color humor might work in context there, but the German Army? And
the white man? What's this? Oh--it means target in Mexican Spanish.
Ironic for such a racialist nation.

She remembered Emilio had used the word at target practice that
afternoon. She didn't know why he'd suggested it--maybe--no, of
course, that couldn’t be why. Just a way to pass the time on the
base in between official business. She was here to fly planes, after
all. It was great fun though, great fun beating him, wherever the
invitation came from. Great fun showing him she was more that just a
d--mn wig.

It comes full circle again. D--mn. Stop it. Stop thinking about it.

What was Hans doing now? Or was it Franz? She'd lost interest; she
reached for the remote control, and then, suddenly she drew her hand
away. The screen had changed completely; a solemn-looking Mexican
newsreader in an omnipresent suit and turtleneck was sitting behind
his desk. Was this part of the skit?

Bl--dy h--ll. She tried to make out the man's words; it was late, the
set was tiny, he was speaking too fast in that ridiculous U.S.M.

"The head of air traffic control at Miguel Huddleston Regional
Airfield has confirmed rumors that a North American spyplane has
landed on site just outside of Conyers, El Norte. He has not
chosen to confirm or deny whether the plane's pilot or co-pilot has
defected from North America, as we have heard. We are told that the
crew of eleven is now in custody."

What in blazes--what in bloody blazes is this?

"We have received a vita of the crew's first appearance."

Bright lights mingling with dry darkness; a man in a dirt-colored
flightsuit running towards the camera gesticulating; a high,
hysterical voice screaming--in English? The camera jerks roughly over
to see a young woman in the flying uniform of the R.C.N.A.A.F.
thrusting herself forward crazily as two Mexicans, wearing the bizarre
traditional sombreros of the constabulary with their incongruous
fatigues. pull her back, drag her away, restrain her mad wrestling.
Her face, severely beautiful--for once it is really beautiful--has
gone pale, and blood slices lightly across her cheek from a cut. Her
cropped dark hair is glossy with sweat, matted and tangled, and her
silver-grey eyes swivel wildly in their sockets. She is screaming
something about the Tree of Liberty, about the Intolerable Acts, about
nature and nature's God, and that she holds these truths to be
self-evident, that all men are created equal--

Good God. Good God. Alex Stapleton. The woman whose father I--

It was self defense.

Was it? I had killed her, killed his daughter too. I sent her into the
arms of the enemy, d--mnable little hayseed.

Evangeline, hundreds of miles away simply sits there in bed, stunned,
and then, almost inaudibly, murmurs to herself, "Well, well, well.
What have you gotten your poor little self into this time, Alex?"

And she says it with pity, perhaps for the first time in her life. The
first time, perhaps, since the day her own father was killed by
Mexican fanatics, the idols that her one-time-friend fervently
worships. And she hates them all, the Jeffersonists, the Mexicans, the
comedians, the complacent idiots in her own country, with only her
superior officers, with only the Confederation as the last bastion of
light in this dark world.

For Ev knows that this neophyte's faith in Thomas Jefferson, crucified
on the tree of Liberty, will be short-lived.

"And now back to our regularly scheduled programming."

Ev does not, however, return to Hans and Franz and the flabby white
man.  She only hears the breaking of glass as her copy of /Trent's
Fighting Airmobiles/ careens into the screen of the vita, smashing a
tiny aritificial cosmos into nothingness.

[1] An old Jeffersonian ballad turned into a blockbuster song by Juan
Ballaires. You might recognize its tune as being the same as "Love Me

[2] Rainer Wolfcastle is the stage name of a German bodybuilder who
emigrated to the USM in 1966 to pursue an acting career.  He began by
playing Hercules in a series of low-budget action films.  His big
break came in 1971's /McBain/, an equally low-budget action film about
a trigger-happy Constabulary detective that became an unexpected hit. 
Wolfcastle is now the most highly-paid actor in the USM. [Thanks to
Johnny Pez for the footnote].