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For All Nails: Sexo, Drogas, y la Musica del Diablo

[excerpted from _Scientific Mexican_, August 1970]

... A species of Chiapan yam, the _cabeza de negro_, was found to
have extremely high concentrations of dioscoridone, a chemical
precursor to progestone, the important female semaphore, and to
arthronone, the anti-inflammatory drug. Covarrubias and his team
continued to work on their research right up to the beginning of
the Global War, when the exigencies of wartime duty caused them
to part ways; Covarrubias to the Army's burn treatment research
program, Blanchot to quinacrine production, and Kaminsky to
metabolic studies of high-altitude pilots. Both Covarrubias and
Blanchot still continued to work on the problem in their spare
time, causing later difficulties in establishing patent priority...

... it was Kaminsky's insight, following the Scottish physiologist
Farquhar, that some artificial semaphores could metastimulate
the body's natural response. Thus, if the normal functioning of
progestone during pregnancy inhibited further ovulation, perhaps
a chemically similar compound would _only_ inhibit ovulation...

... "It was Compound 4-9, in 1949, that gave us the good results,"
Covarrubias said. "But due to the upheavals, we weren't able to
market the product until 1951. And when we did, we were completely
unprepared for the demand." ...

[excerpted from _Science for the People_, August 1970]

... Although marihuana had been used for analgesic purposes since
the founding of the United States (most famously Andrew Jackson's
'blunts' during his long convalescence), it was not until the
Great Northern War that marihuana use became common outside of the
rural, predominantly Mexicano, communities. It was on the Alaskan
front where the common USM soldier discovered marihuana's ataraxic
and euphoric properties, where it no doubt contributed to his vaunted
courage and coolness under fire...

... After the war, two brothers from Durango, Juan Nepomuceno and
Carlos Borromeo Hernandez, invested their veteran's bonus in a
cigarillo-rolling machine imported from the CNA's Virginia Province,
which they immediately improved upon. Within six months their
investment had paid for itself twice over...

... Advances in selective breeding in the marihuana plant led to
the next development in the industry. Fewer steps are now needed
to process the marihuana plant with the new seedless (_sin
semilla_) varietals, while improvements in the cannibol content
have produced a longer-lasting and smoother high... Truly, the
cigarillo of today is a far cry from the 'headache sticks' or
'hemicraneos' of yesteryear!

[excerpted from _Azul_, August 1970; translation mine -- C.Y.]

... unfortunately, Camacho's fine, sweet trumpet isn't matched
by the shabby vocals of Hector Flores, which lack all animal
spirits. But what makes this recording truly classic, of course,
is Bill Rodriguez's drumming. This is the platter that buries the
old 3T timpani-trampa-tonton kit, in favor of the new trampa-trampa
bajo-parasol trinity, to which Rodriguez adds his trademark
girasol crashes (so often imitated by his lessers, who fail to
understand the internal passion of the man). As with most
remasters, the 'improved' treble can make the high range of
the trumpet sound tinny, but come on! No one is buying this
disk for the ten minutes of (perfectly adequate) Camacho,
but for the four minutes, forty-seven seconds of Rodriguez's
divine madness...

... I enjoy horseback riding, swimming in the moonlight, and
playaball. My biggest turn-offs are arrogance and racialism.
My astrological sign is Sagittarius...

... The black legend of the electric guitar is that it was conceived
to drown out the noise of copulating sailors and drunken whores --
whether in Acapulco, San Diego, Puerto Hancock, or San Francisco,
no one knows. But certainly, the very sound of the electric guitar
is steeped in sin, lewdness, depravity, and all those other things
that spell out an entertaining modern evening...