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03:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time
26 December, 1974

[regular vitavision programming interrupted]

[after the static, three frames of a New Granadan test pattern]

Good evening, people of Mexico. Greetings, people of Earth. My
name is Vicente Mercator. Most of you, before today, will have
had no idea of who I am. After today, most of you will call me
the greatest villain in history. But after today, you will also
be free, and that to my mind is a fair trade.

Moments ago, an atomic weapon of a new type was detonated on
the historic island of Bali. This type of weapon operates on
the principle of fusing atoms together, the same principle that
powers the Sun. It is thousands of times more powerful than
previous atomic weapons.


I, Vicente Mercator, am solely responsible for the destruction
of the island of Bali. I am in sole possession of all remaining
atomic fusion devices. They are under my personal control.


I cannot even contemplate the suffering I have just inflicted on
perhaps millions of innocents. There are no words in any language
to describe their ordeal.

But it is this suffering, this pain, that Kramer Associates has
threatened the world with for the last twelve years. No place, no
nation on Earth was safe from their terror. No one was safe from
their conspiracies.

All of this changes after today.

Today the top leadership of Kramer Associates, several thousands
of them, met at their secret headquarters on the island of Bali,
where seventy years before, Kramer mercenaries planned the
extermination of the Balinese princes.

That place no longer exists.

The governments of Taiwan, the Canton Pact, the Philippines, and
the Kingdoms of Australia and Scandinavia have forty-eight hours
to expropriate all Kramer holdings and arrest all surviving Kramer
leaders for later trial, under threat of similar annihilation. The
more prudent nations of the world will not require any such threat.

In addition, all Kramer archives must be secured. They will
document Kramer's perfidy for the last hundred years. Operation
Taichung, the Kramer atomic terror project. Operation Petticoat,
the Kramer scheme behind the Global War. Kramer is thus directly
responsible for the hundreds of millions of deaths of that war.
The Manzanilla Plan, the attempt to destabilize the Confederation
of North America itself at the turn of the century. There is not
a nation on Earth which has not been wronged by Kramer!

I should note, to any Kramerists who think they can conceal
themselves in Mexico: you must realize by now I will protect the
purity and essence of our precious body politic by any means
necessary. I will not play favorites!

Kramer tasks me. It tasks me, and I shall have them. I will chase
them from the shores of Mexico through the maelstroms of the
Pacific to the fires of Perdition itself before I relent.

That is all.

[small blip of New Granadan test pattern, then static]