Kebe Software & Services

So what is Kebe Software and Services?

It is a small one-man software and consulting outfit run by me, Dan McDonald. Most of the time, however, it merely provides a convienient place for e-mail dropoff. I am gainfully employed at MNX Solutions.

Are you from Korea?

Perhaps you were actually looking for (Thanks to Chon-Seok Jong for pointing this out to me!)

Are you looking for Scandanavian furniture?

Perhaps you were looking for Kebe - Lifestyle furniture.

So who or what is Kebe?

An interesting question. Send me mail if you have any ideas. There is a real answer, but half the fun is guessing! Especially interesting theories will be posted here.
  • "Kick everyone's behind erotically" -- JH of Sunnyvale, CA
  • The name Kebe comes from the Michigan Drumline's first "tri" player, Phil Kebe. Phil was a man of great drumming skill, much like Dan (so I hear). The name Kebe was bestowed upon Dan as a tribute to his excellent ability to hit the left tom with his right stick as he skillfully struck the right tom with his left. -- JW of Falls Church, VA
  • I think kebe is the sound your decoder watch makes when a software or Internet problem is forseen. -- SV of Sunnyvale, CA
  • Kebe was the original name of a song recorded by Rush. Rush bought the rights to the name KEBE for One Canadian Dollar (which Neil Peart Autographed). When it was learned that Gary Shiff kept the dollar for himself instead of giving it to the true owner of the KEBE Copyright, Geddy Lee changed the name of the song. "Why Bother", says Lee, "The song had no lyrics anyway!" Now does anyone truly know what a Squeaky Bagel is ???? --- GPS of Bozrah, CT
  • It was named after radio station KEBE, in Jacksonville, Texas. It has 1000 watts of power. 1400 AM. -- Michael W. McEwen of Jacksonville, TX
  • KEBE.COM comes from key bit management. -- Larry Swinney of Pasadena, TX
  • Named after Boubacar Djeidy Kebe, a Burkinabe-Malian footballer. -- Shawn D. of Fulton MD. (Pardon the ASCII-only representation.)

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